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Minimizing the Cost of Self-Care

By: :Kristen Ward 0 comments
Minimizing the Cost of Self-Care

Minimizing the Cost of Self-Care

We can all use a little more time to ourselves and a little more money, but life doesn't seem to be getting out of the way anytime soon. With a few strategies, Energi explains that you can establish good habits to take care of yourself without hurting your finances or shirking your obligations.


Reducing Stress

 When was the last time you purposefully relaxed? Getting caught up in the demands of modern life makes it easy to forget about your mental state. Rather than worry about what to do next, take a second to be present in the moment from time to time and treat yourself to a drink, a snack, or a nap. Getting over the guilt of not being consistently productive is the first step in developing helpful self-care habits.

 If your house is a wreck, you'll be spending time trying to navigate through it and find things, and money replacing items that were lost in the clutter. If you feel your home is getting out of hand, set aside a day or two to get it under control. The benefits of an organized house are immediate, and maintaining the organization is a good habit to develop. If this seems too massive a task, friends and family members may be willing to help you.

Perhaps most importantly, PsychCentral notes that you need to be willing to say "no" when a request or favor would negatively impact you. The people who belong in your life will understand when you need to prioritize yourself, and anyone who wouldn't respect your boundaries doesn't deserve your attention in the first place.

 Improving Health

Your physical health affects your mental health, as well as the other way around. Getting your body in shape will help your mental state, so suggests constructing a home gym if you have the space for it. You could also grow your own healthy produce in a backyard garden. Fresh fruits and vegetables are not only good for you in a nutritional sense, but there's also a correlation between the quality of the food you eat and your mental health.

Morality aside, there are few health benefits to most intoxicants. Alcohol damages your liver and kidneys over time, but alcoholic beverages are also typically high in calories. Many contain unexpected allergens such as sulfites and gluten, too. Certain drugs may make you feel good at the moment, but the side effects and withdrawal symptoms negate the benefits, especially when you're trying to take care of yourself.

Practicing Mindfulness

 Letting negative emotions take the wheel is an excellent way to stunt your decision-making and conversational skills. When you're feeling particularly upset, take a moment to analyze the situation and purposefully calm yourself down so you can communicate the problems more effectively. This strategy is especially important for business owners, who have far more than social status on the line in many conversations.

The healthy tips above, as well as getting enough sleep and regular exercise, are the key to keeping potentially harmful emotions at bay. Try to find the root of your distress and solve that problem directly; the related issues should solve themselves. When in doubt, find a mentor who can coach you through problems they've experienced themselves.

It can be hard to find time to take care of yourself, especially without spending too much money. Take a couple of little steps every day to reduce your stress and form healthy, helpful habits.

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