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A Slower, Steadier Pace to Better Overall Health and Well-Being

By: :Kristen Ward 0 comments
A Slower, Steadier Pace to Better Overall Health and Well-Being


We all know how important it is to achieve our healthiest, best selves. And if you’re like most people, you’ve probably tried a few major overhauls in the past only to fall back on old and familiar unhealthy habits. 

NPR notes that the key to developing long-lasting healthy habits is to focus on small changes. Anyone can get discouraged if they try to change too many aspects of their lifestyle at the same time. They are not able to keep up with the expectations and give up on the whole thing. In order to develop healthy habits, it is better to start with something easy and achievable. Read on for some ideas from Energi.

Healthier Eating

Many people want a quick fix when it comes to weight loss and better health, but that almost never works. It’s small incremental changes that will be the most successful. For example, instead of trying to go vegetarian overnight, try adding a vegetarian meal once a week

Another small step can be removing sugar from your coffee or opting for an egg-white omelet instead of bacon and eggs. Pack an apple when you go to the office or run errands so that when you get a hunger pang, you’ll have it at the ready and won’t be tempted to stop for a donut or other unhealthy snack. And instead of looking at eight 8 oz glasses of water per day as a goal, Reboot Health suggests making a habit of having one glass with each meal as a way to increase your needed water requirements.

Introducing Exercise

Getting more exercise can be as simple as taking the elevator instead of the stairs, meeting colleagues face to face in the office instead of emails, or taking a walk during your lunch break. 

Begin your morning with some good yoga stretches or a tai chi warm-up. They are easy, uncomplicated, and require no special equipment. Even some grade school calisthenics, like touching your toes and jumping jacks, can be a great way to start your morning, and you can do them right in your own bedroom. 

A Simple Approach to Better Mental Health

Taking care of your mental health is as important as taking care of your physical health. And it doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming, either. In fact, some of the best small habits for mental wellness are things that you can start doing right now. 

Resolve to get more sleep. Turn off the television and close your electronics for at least thirty minutes before you want to go to sleep. Use that time for a warm bath, a cup of sleepy-time tea containing chamomile, known to calm the nervous system, and do some slow, easy stretches. 

Meditating sounds like it’s something hard to do, but it’s actually a great way to unwind as it promotes calm, peace, and balance. There are great phone apps to listen to that will guide you through the process. Commit to trying it just for a few minutes one night a week and increase from there. 

Developing new habits takes time. It’s not easy to make a change in your life and stick with it. But if you focus on making small changes, like taking the stairs, increasing your water one glass at a time, and introducing yourself to meditation, you will find that these changes will eventually lead to bigger ones that can help you develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

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