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HelloEveryone – you’ve likely already seen the video announcement about our transition to an Ambassador model.

We heard you, over and over again -- you love our products, you love how they help you, you love sharing our products with your friends, family, and others -- and you love making money when you share our products,  

We went to work to find a way that allows you to more easily share and sell products. That’s why we're pivoting to an Ambassador model.

  • You’ll have a shareable link.

  • You’ll have your own discount code.

  • Your customers will have a much better shopping and checkout experience, leading to higher conversion rates.

    Energi Nutrition is stronger than ever, and we’re now focused on building an Ambassador program that will make it simple for you to share and sell products. You're invited, as one of our Influencers, to continue with us as an Ambassador.

    You can still enjoy your favorite products at a discount.

    You can still share products with your friends, family, and others – and now you can offer them a discount!

    AND- you can still make money for every product you sell.

    We’re excited by all the new doors this direction opens; not only for you as an Ambassador out sharing and marketing our products, but also for us as a brand. 

    Let's jump into some of the key details you need to know.

    • You’ll continue to receive a 20% discount on your own Energi Nutrition products.

    • As you transition to the Ambassador platform, you’ll continue to receive commissions for your Preferred Customers for as long as you remain active.

    • You’ll be able to receive 15% commissions on all customers you obtain under the Ambassador program

      1. Commissions are paid monthly..

      You’ll have a personal discount code you can share with your audience, offering them a discount on Energi Nutrition products. You’ll also have a link you can share that will track your customers’ purchases. Anytime someone uses your discount code and/or link to purchase, you’ll receive a commission.

      2. There is no cost to join the Ambassador program.

      For us at Energi Nutrition, it has always been about sharing our products. We know the impact they have on the health and wellness of those who take them. The products will remain the same, and so will our commitment to all the same principles we have always lived by.

      We want to personally thank all of you who have helped us grow Energi Nutrition into the company it is today.  We love working with you, and hope that you feel the same.

      We’re looking forward to locking arms with you as you share your favorite products and make money while you do it.

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